Compressed air supply 16mm/20mm (plus 25%)

Compressed air supply 16mm/20mm (plus 25%)

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The compressed air supply comes from the floor and is equipped with a Rectus 1/2" coupling on an approx. 1.5m long hose. The compressed air supply is routed to the stand area. Any further distribution/division, connection, required adapters, etc. is on your own to organize. We have at least 7.5 bar and approx. 400l/min (d16 pipe) per branch line. The air is not oiled, it is just dried in front of the distribution system.

A stand plan with the desired position drawn must be sent along. Due to the structural conditions, it may be that the supply runs directly over the stand area.

Subsequent changes will be charged additionally at cost.

(Price including 25% handling surcharge due to exceeded order deadline)

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